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Publishing house Alma Littera

Lithuania’s major publisher Alma Littera started its activities in 1990. For more than 20 years, it has pursued its mission of promoting the need for knowledge and reading and enabling others to experience the pleasure of gaining knowledge through reading. Publishing house Alma Littera publishes books for adults, kids and teenagers as well as educational and schooling literature, and offers the best and most popular works by authors from Lithuania and all over the world. Alma Littera cooperates with publishers and copyright agencies in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Israel, US, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and many other countries.

Publisher Alma Littera is a member of the Lithuanian Publishers Association.

Alma Litterabegan publishing e-books in 2012.

During recent years, Alma Littera publications have earned numerous awards: the best book for kids and teenagers of the year, the most significant translation for teenagers of the year, the most artistically illustrated book for teenagers, the art of the book competition award, the book for kids of the year, etc.

“Ferdinandas ir Pū“ by Lina Žutautė received the IBBY award for the best book for children and teens in 2012.

In 2012, two illustrators received diplomas in the most beautiful book competition: Rimantas Rolia for illustrating “Žiemos išdaigos“ and Lina Žutautė for illustrating “Ferdinandas ir Pū“.

Two books published by us have been nominated for the 2014 IBBY Honour List. Lina Žutautė's “Ferdinandas ir Pū“, as a valuable work of art and literature, has been nominated for the writers' section, while “Pasakos” by the Brothers Grimm has been nominated for the illustrators' section as an artistically illustrated book. In 2014, Lina Žutautė was awarded the Children`s Literary Prize by the Ministry of Education and Science for her works for children.

Alma Littera publishes:

·         Fiction;

·         Literature for kids and teenagers;

·         Popular psychology;

·         Dictionaries, encyclopaedias;

·         Cognitive literature;

·         Self-help books;

·         Maps;

·         Textbooks and instructional materials for schools.

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Alma Litterakey figures for 2014

Published titles: 313 new titles, 107 reprinted titles

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Alma Littera Group

Alma Littera Group is the major book publishing and trading group in the Baltic States. It consists of two largest publishing houses in Lithuania, Alma Littera and Šviesa. It also includes the first official book readers' club, Knygų Klubas, and Pegasas retail bookstore chain, which consists of 31 bookstores. Alma Littera Group also publishes the international National Geographic magazine for the Baltic States and runs the Didysis Žaidimas project, which is based on the Reader’s Digest model used all over the world. The company Alma Littera Sprendimaimanages the sales of all companies of Alma Littera Group: wholesale in fiction and educational literature, direct sales to the system of education, audiovisual solutions department, and e-books distribution platform (EBDP).

The Alma Littera publishing house received the Socially Responsible Business Award 2012 for its educational activities and for encouraging the public to spend more time reading.

Alma Littera Group key figures for 2014

Sales: EUR 28,46 million.

Titles published:  416 new titles, 696 reprinted

Number of staff: 535


Alma Littera

Ulonų str.2

LT-08245 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel.: +370 5 263 8877

Fax: +370 5 272 8026



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