About us

Alma Littera : Literary content that creates experiences for the world

Alma Littera is the largest Lithuanian publishing house, which publishes books for adults, kids and teenagers.

For more than two decades Alma Littera delights readers with the best and most popular works by authors from Lithuania and all over the world. The Company’s goal is to offer the widest and most valuable range of books, making sure that Alma Littera is always associated with high quality. The publishing house has pursued its mission of promoting the joy of discovery and the pleasure of reading since 1990 – now with about 300 published books a year.

Alma Littera is a member of the Lithuanian Publishers Association. It cooperates with publishing houses of the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Israel, the USA, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and many other countries. Every year the authors and publications of Alma Littera win various awards both in Lithuania and abroad. We are happy that through our publishing house Lithuanian readers can get a chance to enjoy authors like Michele and Barack Obama, J. K. Rowling, Pulitzer prize winners Richard Powers and Colson Whitehead, Prix Goncourt winner Pierre Lemaitre, Booker prize winner Bernardine Evaristo, Nobel prize in Literature winners Svetlana Alexievich and Louise Glück. We focus on valuable, award-winning literature.

We believe that future lies in the hands of our children! The publishing house is developing “Nelly Jelly”, the most popular trademark for kids in Lithuania, initiates two annual competitions  - Youth Literature and Children’s Literature contest - that encourages authors to write as well as participates in various social campaigns and initiatives and supports them. We pay close attention to valuable literature for children and youth. Our aim is to publish not only the latest books, but also time-tested literature - the collection of the most valuable classical works. For young readers, we offer a special series “Reading by myself” that helps children to start their reading journey.

“Publishing experience has taught us to respect the wishes and needs of every reader. They change every day, just like us. The quality of the book is important to us - the text, the image and the feeling it evokes in the reader.

The publishing house employs a highly experienced, motivated and creative team; here all members are important, working together hand in hand at different stages of book publishing. Every employee of the publishing house - from publication managers, translators, editors to data analysts - is a professional in their field. After all, we are united by a very important aspect - the indisputable love for literature.

Alma Littera, a publishing house that has been operating successfully for thirty years and still wants to be ahead. We believe in the power of content. We are watching new forms of it come into the world of publishing and we are ready for that change. Alma Littera is becoming a company where content and creativity really matters”.

- Dovilė Zaidė, head of Alma Littera publishing house.


„Alma littera“ group

The publishing house is part of the Alma Littera Group which consists of the following companies: the publishing house Šviesa, the retail bookstore chain Pegasas, the electronic bookstore www.knyguklubas.lt, the electronic book platform Milžinas, ALG Logistika, ALG Sprendimai, UAB Arpresa, one of the most modern schools of Lithuania Šiaurės Licėjus, playschool Aukštyn Kojom and play rooms for kids Kakės Makės Pasaulis.

UAB Šviesa - the most experienced Lithuanian textbook and educational literature publishing house, founded in 1945. The publishing team encourages children to experiment, discover and grow curious on a daily basis. Visit www.sviesa.lt for more information.

UAB ALG knygynai – bookstore chain Pegasas. The network consists of 34 bookstores, 8 of which operate on a franchise basis in 18 Lithuanian cities. Bookstores are striving for change - they are becoming houses of stories, where not only books are sold, but also events and book presentations hold place. Visit www.pegasas.lt for more information.

UAB Knygų klubas - Alma Littera’s largest online sales channel, offering attractive prices and a convenient e-commerce platform, with updates and customer expectations. For more information, visit www.knyguklubas.lt.

UAB ALG logistika - activities began in 2003. The logistics department started to provide supply control and logistics services to the internal companies of the group of companies, a few years later expanded the range of services provided - started serving the B2B and B2C sectors and moved to the logistics centre in the Free Economic Zone in Kaunas. Visit www.alglogistika.lt for more information.

The wholesale trade division of UAB Alma Littera Sprendimai coordinates the sales of all goods of Alma Littera. The major clients include the Lithuanian and foreign bookstores, major retail chains, and public libraries. Alma Littera is one of the biggest book suppliers in Lithuania; its sales network consists of over 700 points of sale.